A spark to ignite an evening at sea. The nets are open, as we chart the treasure map under the stars. The waves splash on a quiet ship. Finally, a glorious catch that illuminates me from the inside out. Oh, but there are monsters, too. Befriend them, young child! Teach them to laugh with you. For they will be around, not to stay, and certainly not for long - but to visit from time to time. So approach the land with wonder, but don’t forget to notice how the water slips through fingers yet holds up ships. Onward, to the mountains. Traverse its many canyons, tread lightly through the pockets of quicksand, navigate wisely through the dense forest. Set up camp, build a fire, and withstand the blizzard the night before the final climb. Almost there, mighty adventurer! X marks the spot. Breathe deeply, now turn around. Can you see now that the journey home is the one worth traveling? So return, knowing nothing is quite the same.